Since 1995, we have been helping our clients get the best coverage, at the best rates.
Through our EconoQuote® database of more than 1,200 top-rated term life products, our customers typically save from 30% to 80% on their insurance premiums. 
We also carry a wide variety of products tailored for long-term care, permanent life and investments, and medigap solutions. 
In addition, we are fully certified in the enrollment of health options under the Affordable Care Act's MARKETPLACE, as well as options through off market enrollment.




Enroll in 5 steps. 

15 minutes. 

All qualified plans.

Visit us at www.enroll-health.com for rate information and enrollment options.

Our online health counselors are Marketplace approved to assist with the enrollment of health benefits under the Affordable Care Act.  Off market enrollment is options are available as well.

Call us toll-free at 1-800-973-4732 or visit us online so we can help you GET COVERED (subject to annual open enrollment period, however please note that you may be eligible due to specific circumstances which may apply outside of the annual enrollment period.

Let us help you navigate your health coverage options to get the best coverage for your family, at the best rates.

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"Insurance Direct ....guided me into the most cost effective and appropriate solutions.  You will get a level of service that others rarely match."  S. Gilbert

"Over the years you have been a steadfast source of help to me and my family surrounding many of my insurance needs".  J. Gavard

"Found us better health insurance at a lower cost, but also carried us through the Medicare maze.  Their knowledge of Medicare, supplemental insurance, prescription insurance and extended care coverage helped us immeasurably." B. and G. Zeiter

"Really helped me navigate the Marketplace, and answered all of my questions so that I had the coverage I needed for myself and my family." M. Bourgeois